With a wise approach and green technology into heavy industry.

We are experts in the field of heat treatment and automation of production processes.

Why Hiproject?

We are a creative and ambitious team that develops a responsible approach towards our customers and the environment through our own innovative technologies.

Our customers use our equipment to produce products in the following industries:

Aviation industry

Space industry

Automotive industry

Robotics and automation

Equipment and solutions


We proudly deliver our advanced solutions and technologies worldwide with an experienced and successful team of employees. We use our know-how to develop excellent projects and consult our clients – everything from conceptual design to final production.


Environmentally friendly

Lower consumption of energy resources

You achieve lower consumption of energy resources with our technology and thereby you save costs.


30 years of experience

Adaptation to customer demands

Our technology allows us to adapt to each customer's demands, which leads to optimal experience and savings.

Development partnership

A continuous systematic process of improving quality

We achieve continuous systematic quality improvements with our technology, bringing our customers savings and efficiency.


Where or where are you going?


We received the “Crystal Plaque” – Golden credit rating excellence


We have become an official representative of company iba AG!