Heat treatment

High-quality heat treatment

From construction to the finished product – we solve all your heat treatment problems with innovative and advanced ideas. Our greatest advantage is the offer of unique, advanced and reliable solutions in the field of heat treatment, which are completely adapted to the needs and demands of our customers, regardless of the type of furnace, size, process, temperature and other conditions. Each heating system can be unique, one of a kind.

Our offer

Each heating system can be unique, one of a kind. Therefore, our offer includes the production of various furnaces for various heat treatment processes

  • Chamber furnaces
  • Tunnel furnaces
  • Pit furnaces
  • Furnaces with wagon
  • Aluminium furnaces

Furnaces are used for various heat treatment processes

  • Annealing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Tempering
  • Carbonization
  • Normalization

Our offer also includes additional heat treatment equipment adapted to the customer´s requirements, e.g., quenching pools (water, oil), industrial washing machines, and sprayers with nozzles.

Various technologies and technical characteristics can be implemented to meet your requirements


  • According to the customer’s needs


  • Low-temperature furnaces / from 150°C to 600°C
  • High-temperature furnaces / from 600°C to 1300°C
  • According to the customer’s needs

Additional options

  • Retort
  • An electric cabinet
  • Gas ramp
  • Heating with ROB elements
  • Guides – in the furnace; – in front of the furnace for moving the insert
  • Circulation fan for greater furnace homogeneity (for low-temperature furnaces)
  • Protective atmosphere/endo gas, methanol or nitrogen (for high-temperature furnaces)
  • Thyristor activation of heaters
  • SCADA control program and computer control (PC + monitor)
  • Oxygen and pressure measurement in the furnace
  • Endo generator

Heating medium

  • Gas
  • Electricity

Door drives

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric motor drive
  • Manual opening

Heating power

  • According to the customer’s needs

We produce products of exceptional quality with fast delivery, keeping our customers at the centre by ensuring flexibility, quality and communication at all levels.

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