Heat treatment

Chamber furnaces
Tunnel furnaces
Pit furnaces
Furnaces with wagon
Aluminium furnaces
Quench pools

From construction to the finished product – we solve all your problems with heat treatment with innovative and advanced ideas. Our greatest advantage is the offer of unique, advanced and reliable solutions in the field of heat treatment, which are completely adapted to the needs and demands of our customers, regardless of the type of furnace, size, process, temperature and other conditions. Each heating system can be unique, one of a kind.

Robotics and automation of production facilities

Automation of production facilities
Higher product quality
Increase in capacity

Production automation – from idea to start–up. We primarily work in the field of industrial automation, which includes the production of special and purpose-built systems, machines and devices which can be a part of the production process or represent an independent process. Automatic lines are completely manufactured according to the customer´s demands, made with innovative approaches, elements and the latest technologies, which brings many advantages - exclusion of human error, higher productivity, higher added value per employee, etc.

Manipulators and other production line solutions

Product loading/unloading
Raising/lowering of products
Product stacking
Product shifting
Product elimination

Lifting, manipulating and transporting various loads presents a considerable challenge. Therefore, one of our activities is also the implementation of comprehensive systems for the safe and ergonomic lifting and transport of various materials. Our offer thus also includes various manipulators and other solutions for moving the load.

Service, conversions and customer support

Service and repairs 24/7
Conversions and upgrades of existing systems
Analysis and training

Our expert team's broad experience in heat treatment and mechanical engineering enables innovative and advanced conversions and upgrades of existing systems, repairs, etc.

Official representation and resale

Official representative

We have decided to become an official representative for various industrial equipment since new innovative technologies and products are constantly appearing in foreign markets, and these products can be of higher quality or cheaper than domestic ones. That said, we are more competitive with domestic manufacturers and thus gain the opportunity to succeed in the domestic market with a foreign product.

Turnkey projects

Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering and programming

We proudly deliver our advanced solutions and technologies worldwide with an experienced and successful team of employees. We use our know-how to develop excellent projects and consult our clients – everything from conceptual design to final production. This allows greater optimization of all processes and turnkey assemblies.